canoe.jpg     Chris is a deeply rooted resident of Calgary, with a strong connection to our community. Born in Winnipeg, he arrived in Calgary during the 1988 Olympics, a time when Calgary had 657,000 people and much of Ward 1 was farmer’s fields.


Chris has seen Calgary through boom and bust. He has watched our city grow into a city of 1.2 Million, and takes an active part in shaping Calgary into the place we are proud to call home.


He believes in strong, safe, and livable communities. Chris is devoted to open dialogues and sensible policies. He has long been an advocate for political engagement, veterans issues, accessible libraries, the preservation of local history, post-secondary issues, and poverty reduction.


As hard times have hit our Province again, he has seen Calgarians bring up the same issues over and over. Calgary wants a sensible and prudent Council, that listens to constituents and respects their hard-earned tax dollars. Calgarians are tired of being ignored. They are tired of the lack of decorum and decency in City Hall.


Calgarians know that together, we can do better!




Librarian, Soldier, Volunteer, Community Builder


     Chris has deep roots in our city and devotes much of his free time to building and engaging our community. He attended both Elementary and Junior High School in the Ward 1 community of Varsity, and High School in North-West Calgary. He knows the neighbourhoods and the families of Ward 1 —their concerns and their hopes for the future.


He went on to achieve multiple degrees in Political Science and Sociology (with a concentration in Criminology) at the University of Calgary, as well as a background in Museum and Heritage studies.


Chris then followed in a family tradition of Canadian Military Service that stretches through both World Wars, back to the War of 1812. He chose to serve our nation as a Commissioned Officer in the Canadian Army, where he learned how to lead and achieve objectives, while being accountable for his decisions.


He worked in the Oil & Gas Industry within Calgary and Northern Alberta, learning the value of a dollar and a hard day’s work.



Sharing his passion for learning, Chris went on to work for the Libraries and Archives at the University of Calgary, as well as both the Crowfoot and Bowness locations of the Calgary Public Library. He now enjoys his work with children and their families as a Librarian at a local K-9 school.



He is proud of his volunteer work with a wide array of Calgary organizations and the incredible work they do, such as Inn from the Cold, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Bowness and Calgary Historical Societies, the Royal Alberta United Services Institute, Highland Games throughout Alberta, and his Community Association.


Chris lives with his Fiancee and pet rabbit in a historical home, spending his spare time gardening, bird-watching, reading, and painting. He has resided in Ward 1 for over a decade.